We accept payment via PayPal.

Dear customer

When advising your acceptance of our offer, you must also advise whether you wish to pay via PayPal or via bank remittance.

If you desire to arrange payment via PayPal, there will be charged an additional 3,80% - 5,71% to the cost in the offer we made you. The percentage depends on whether you are a private person or a business and where in the world you live.

You must pay in the invoice currency and not exchange f.inst USD into DKK

The additional cost is based on the cost we have to receive a payment via PayPal

Is the payment arranged via bank remittance, there are no additional charges.

Golden Shipping & Airfreight does not accept credit card payment.

How do I pay ?

You log in to your PayPal account and use the following mail for the receiver/payee

Golden Shipping & Airfreight - Avedoereholmen 46, 2650 Hvidovre - Denmark

Phone +45 7070 2010 -


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